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Friday, June 22, 2012

...who dreamed of being a mommy: Pregnancy Post I

Since I'm sure I will be doing quite a few posts about my pregnancy in the future, why not start off today with a recap of what has already happened!

Here are a few pictures of me at different stages in my pregnancy so far. I wish I would have started out doing something to make them all more similar...like wearing the same shirt or something cool. But I pretty much try to stand in the same spot and face the same way...so I guess that's good enough :)

First Trimester

I will have to say that I was one of the lucky ones that didn't suffer from morning sickness. I didn't even get sick once! I had my moments where I felt a little queasy, but I would feel alot better after eating something. My main symptom was feeling super tired and fatigued. I just tried to get more rest, and luckily I was only working part-time, so I was able to get the additional rest I needed pretty easily. Other than gaining weight in multiple places (ahem chest and behind...and of course belly!) there weren't alot of changes the first few months. Monthly doctors appointments started, and we got our first ultrasound! It was really neat to listen to the heartbeat, and so amazing to see the little peanut on the screen moving around :)

Our first ultrasound at 10 weeks.

Second Trimester

The second trimester has been going great so far. I got my energy back fairly quickly, and thankfully haven't had any problems or issues! There was a week or two where I seemed to be getting more headaches, but nothing too bad. I started back to aerobics around week 12, and have tried to stay active by attending class twice a week, along with walking and doing some things at home. Besides the fun of watching my belly grow and frequent bathroom visits, we got to experience another ultrasound at week 16...this time in 3D! And this time we got to find out the sex of Baby Clifton :) Brady told the technician at the beginning of the appointment, not to tell us right away, because he wanted to try and figure it out. LOL. But once she got to the area she was looking for, she must have forgot, because she typed it up on the screen. I'm sure she did it out of pure habit :) But when she typed "It's a girl," I was shocked! I really didn't have a strong feeling of what we were having, but I was leaning more towards boy! Only because I had, had a couple dreams where the baby was a boy, and the fact that I wasn't super sick (they say you are more sick with girls...old wives tales LOL.) But those were really my only reasons. So I don't know why I was surprised, but I was! I think Brady was too, even though his prediction was girl....only because I said boy :P But it was such a neat experience getting the 3D ultrasound, I can't wait to go back for our second one later on.

Our favorite picture of her. Mainly because her face is more detailed in this one...I'm not gonna lie, in some of them she kinda looks like an alien :P But a CUTE alien!!
For about the past month or so I have been getting to feel her move quite a bit :) And as the weeks go by, I'm feeling her more and more, and am feeling alot of kicks! She seems to be most active in the mornings right when I get up, after lunch, and in the evenings around dinner time and of course when I'm in bed trying to fall asleep. Hehe.



When you are pregnant, one of the big questions everyone seems to ask is "So are you having any cravings?" My answer is.....I haven't had any crazy ones really, but I can't get enough of french fries. Probably not the best craving to have, but I don't go overboard by any means. And french fries with vinegar...even better!! And like I said I haven't really had any crazy "cravings" persay, but there have been some foods that taste particularly yummy. These would be: toasted coconut, pickles, peanut butter, and lately salads. And I will admit to trying pickles and ice cream together.....and I'll have to say, I really enjoyed it :)

The fair fries that I got to enjoy today :) YUM!
I will surely have more Pregnancy Posts in the future, so stay tuned!
Oh and by the way, we have closen the name Harper Leigh Clifton for our baby girl <3

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