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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

::The Weekly Recap::

Last week seems so long ago...
Tell me again when my life entered a state of accelerated time?
Oh that's right, when Harper was born :)
And these days, time seems to pass even quicker!
This week is also jam packed, so I'll try to keep this short..
But I just had to do a little post to recap last week.
We had some beautiful weather for most of the week.
Unlike yesterday, when it decided to SNOW!!!
I don't know why I was surprised. Our Forsythia bush just bloomed last week, and I told Brady that once it blooms, we still have a few more snows (as legend has it.)  One snow down, and we better not get anymore!!! LOL


Harper can always brings a smile to my face :)
She is such a little character, and it is so much fun watching her grow, and watching her develop her own little personality!
Too cool in mommy's shades!

Waving at the Olaf balloon in Giant Eagle :)

Morning snuggles with my girl.

Feeding all her babies, while Mommy gets ready!


A special little boy turned 2 yesterday!!
And we took part in some birthday fun at Chuck E Cheese's over the weekend, to celebrate Trey's birthday! It was Harper's first time, and she had a lot of fun!

 Happy 2nd Birthday Trey!
Mmmm cupcakes :)


We also took Harper to her first Easter egg hunt!
I'm thinking of doing a separate post for that, since there will be more Easter fun to come, and plenty
more pictures to take ;)

We are gearing up for our upcoming trip to Las Vegas
This will be our first trip without Harper!  So needless to say, we are very ready for this mini vacation!  Brady talks about how much we are going to miss her, and he doesn't even know the half of it...that kid has been the biggest part of my life for the past couple years..I just may shed a tear or two...or three LOL 
However, we both desperately need a getaway, and I have never been to Vegas (Brady has twice,) so I am super excited!! And shopping for some Vegas duds proved to be quite fun too :)
Seeing as I had nothing in my closet that was Vegas-worthy, a shopping trip was a must!  I was happy to find a lot, and I found some stuff that I would probably never have even considered trying on before.  Stuff that I feel like I'm too old to wear...except, wait....I'm 26.  I'm NOT old!
I know that crop tops are really in (is that the correct term? Let's say it is.)
I think they are cute, but I just couldn't feel comfortable walking around, let's say, Circleville, with a crop top on.  Especially if I was in mommy-mode.  Sorry, but that's just looking for the wrong kind of attention :P Vegas, on the other hand..I'm pretty sure my midriff will blend right in with everyone else's .. LOL

Dressing room pic :P

This outfit was from Wet Seal.
The overalls were also a fun fashion trend, I thought. Should have gotten a picture of the fanny pack..yes, you read that right. LOL  They had the coolest fanny pack on dispaly, coral with ivory crochet, very cute! It will be going with me to Vegas :)  I'll be sure to get a pic!

I found several fun dresses, and some cool casual wear. I also stocked up on a ton of accessories from Old Navy..have they always had such a massive jewelry selection!?
I think I just need to find a new par of heels, then I'm set!


Every day, Harper falls more in love with her big brother Tuck.  She loves chasing after him when he's all excited, and throwing his bone for him. And Tucker kisses are her favorite :) Lately she's been cuddling up to him even more, and laying by him. It is so cute.


Bye for now!

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