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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Good Morning!
I have decided to take the time, and write another Reflections post.

As I sit here on my front porch, I am grateful to have a moment of time to myself, where I can just relax and take in my surroundings.  I love being in nature.  Observing the littlest things. The gentle breeze blowing through the trees, the song of cheerful birds all around me. And even the rain isn't enough to take the beautiful out of this.  If anything, it makes it more peaceful.
It is now that I can sit and allow myself the time to think and reflect on how great life is.
(And how thankful I am to be feeling better, and no longer hugging the toilet!! Let's just say last night by body was hating those Krazy Kurly Fries I consumed. And that Bud Light. GAG)

I am also sitting here thinking..."Man, today we have been married 3 years, and 12 years ago today, I had this cute boy ask me to be his girlfriend...  Little did he know he would be stuck with me for life! hahaa
But really, I could not even begin to imagine my life without him. It's just unfathomable. But I am so glad that I don't have to.  I am so glad he decided to ask me out all those years ago, and so blessed to be able to share my life with him, and raise our beautiful baby together, and of course...make some more babies! (eventually) :)

We celebrated our anniversary last week, when we ate at the restaurant M, in downtown Columbus.
(I will be posting a restaurant review very soon, I promise!)
Today the celebration will continue. I am HOPING the rain lets up. I would love to take Harper to see her first parade! I can only imagine that she will love the little girls waving at her :) And a family photo button is a must!
I did just get her a snazzy little rain coat....hmm we will see what later brings...

So thank you for reading my ramblings. Sometimes my blog posts are more like journal entries, where I just talk about how I feel...hehe
But I will part by saying HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my simply amazing husband. I hope we get many more years together. <3

and with this video...
It's from Pumpkin Show last night. Harper was in a kissy mood, so I was trying to get a picture.  I accidently had my phone on video, but in the video you can see her giving me a kiss. This just melts my heart!!

Bye for now!

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