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Saturday, February 23, 2013

A few of my favorite things.

 I got a little extra time this morning, so I thought I would post a little something :)
And I thought I would share, a few things that have made my day a little better..

A few of my favorite things :

Yesterday I made myself get out of the house... (this girl has a major case of cabin fever)
Harper and I hit up the mall, and one of the places we went, was Bath and Body Works.
I love their Wallflower scents, and usually stock up every so often, on their seasonal scents. Which of course means my house now smells like spring time...take that winter!!

Pictured here is their scent White Barn Renew and Refresh.

Something else that helped me start my day right, were these little babies..

These facial wipes by the Yes To line, contain soothing cucumber and aloe vera. I love these!! They're a quick way to freshen up. I used these a lot last summer. Being pregnant and being in 100 degree weather, don't mix...lol Store them in the fridge, for an even more soothing experience :)
Ok, these aren't something I really enjoy using myself...but I love these blankets for Harper!
Made by aden + anais, these muslin swaddlers are ultra light weight, and comfy. And I have found they are a very nice size, bigger than a lot of receiving blankets are.
They also carry awesome bibs/ burp cloths....and I'm anxious to try their wearable blanket, for Harper this summer :)

Well, I better go wake my baby up....11 am and she still isn't up!?
I can see it now...I'm gonna have a teenager that reallly likes to sleep in :P
Speaking of baby..I have been working on Harper's birth story.
I enjoy reminiscing about that day...even though it wasn't that long ago!
So look for a future post on that :)

Bye for now!!

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