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Monday, September 23, 2013


In case you haven't noticed, I tend to take a lot of vacations from blogging...(sigh)

I can't help it. It feels like the days fly by...and the weeks, and the months!
Many times I get an idea in my head, but it is just not the best time to sit and type my thoughts..
I will eventually improve on this...I'm just not sure when ;)

But today, as I stood there wondering which one of the twenty-something things on my to do list were going to get done first, I decided to take a moment.  A moment to sit and reflect. 
When I start to feel overwhelmed by everything that needs done, I think this is the only thing that can keep me from getting too stressed or anxious.  Just sitting and thinking about what matters most in life.  It's one thing to tell yourself to slow down and enjoy things, and another to actually accomplish it.  So for me, this is my time to think about all of the great things in my life. <3

The most amazing person in my life!
I cannot believe this little girl will be turning one soon?!?!
Photo courtesy of: Nicole Kidwell Photography

It's safe to say that Harper is pretty much my everything.  I literally didn't know I could love somebody so much.  She sure keeps me busy, and I am sure that since becoming her mommy, life has been in fast forward. LOL But these are times that I never want to take for granted!!
I can't wait for all the fun things coming up..
Harper's first trip to the Pumpkin Patch...  Her first Pumpkin Show (so close, YAY), and her first birthday is going to be here before we know it!
There really is just so much to do...but that's what life is all about!  There are always going to be things to do.  Some times more than others..But that is what makes life exciting!
No stress, no worry...everything works out, so just enjoy life!
(I'm gettin' a little Bob Marley vibe with this..)
Don't worry 'bout a thing, cuz every little thing gonna be alright!!  This is seriously my life motto rolled into a song lol
I think I just might have to listen to this song now.. But after that, there are plenty of things to keep me busy :) 

Like this little stinker!

Bye for now!

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