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Thursday, August 23, 2012

...who neglected her blog.

Ok...So I realize it's been a little while since I wrote a new post...ok, maybe a long while! Ooops
I know, I know...this is entirely unacceptable. 
It's been a busy couple months, but I will try to be better about this :)

Instead of trying to play catch-up, I think I will just start back up with a post of some random things that have been on my mind.

I am enjoying mornings a lot more than I used to
...mainly because it is in the evenings that most of my pregnancy discomforts decide to come into play. Definitely NOT complaining! I have had a great pregnancy thus far, but that might just make it a little harder, now that I am actually starting to experience some of these lovely new symptoms :)

I am getting very excited for what's in store the next several months.
Baby Showers, 3D/4D ultrasound, maternity photo shoots, working on the nursery, Pumpkin Show (or should I say Pumpkin Show food.), our anniversary, and most exciting of all
... finally getting to meet our baby girl!!
Lots to look foward to, so I am not wishing any time away, that's for sure :)

My animals are weird.

Not really lol...but being home as much as I am, you really get even more of a feel for all their different personalities!
I have Harry Fluffins, a needy Maine Coon who insists on sleeping above my head every night.
Little One, the fiesty calico who acts like she wants to be left alone, but secretly loves attention.
DQ, the former "street cat" who is by far the pickiest eater out of all of them. This one in particular is what inspired this thought today. So, I was eating some yogurt and offered a little taste to the cats (who love it.) DQ ran over all excited, but then turned his nose up at it and walked away. This coming from a cat who survived on cold DQ hotdogs before I took him in. I guess maybe that is why he is so picky now. lol
Frankie is my Russian Blue, and another former stray. He is the biggest scaredy cat and dare devil rolled into one.
And then there's Tucker. My 4 year old lab, who I swear still thinks he is a puppy. And also may have a split personality, considering he can be lazy and laid back, or the most bouncy and energetic dog you have ever met.

I am so ready for fall!
This one speaks for itself :)

I hate watching the news.
All it does is make me sad, paranoid, sometimes angry, and so on.

I'm sure I could think of more random thoughts, but that could literally go on forever.
So, I will stop there.
And hopefully I will not be neglecting this as much in the future :)
Except for once Baby Harper is here...I'm sure I will have more than enough to keep me occupied, so I will more than likely take a little hiatus then.

I will part with a picture that was shared from It's a Lab Thing.
It made me smile :)

Happy Thursday!!

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