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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ooh, dream weaver

Ok, so maybe the title doesn't explain it all.... But when thinking about this subject, the REO Speedwagon song immediately started playing in my head...For those of you that know which song I'm talking about, I'm willing to say that it probably just played in your head as well. :P

Today I woke up earlier than usual, and just happened to wake in the middle of a dream.  Of course when this happens, it allows me to remember a lot of details about the dream and I immediately try to analyze it.  And there have been times that I haven't woke in the middle of one, but I can still remember a lot.  When you really sit and think about it, dreams are fascinating.

They allow you to see and do things, that you could not do in real life.  Or maybe they allow you to re-live or re-experience a memory.  Either way, I don't think we could survive without dreams.  They allow our mind to deal with some pretty serious stuff sometimes.
Because of dreams, more often than not, I wake with a smile.  Sometimes a laugh.  Sometimes confusion.  I guess that is because I am having good dreams :)

I have often said that I would like to start a dream journal.
It is a very nice idea, just not sure I have the time to make it happen hehe

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Bye for now!

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