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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Spread the LOVE... featuring; Restaurant Review II

Good Morning, and Happy Valentine's Day!
I will say, that it doesn't really feel like the love holiday to me...but that could be because the hubby and I celebrated a few days early. But I'm SO glad we were able to...because we had the best time!!

Brady had been trying to find a place with a "tasting menu" and in his search results "Latitude 41" came up. It is located in downtown Columbus, inside of the Renaissance Hotel.
What we both liked most about the place is, that their food is predominantly comprised of local, natural, organic, and seasonal ingredients. Our waiter even mentioned, that we should try not to fall in love with any particular dish, because chances are, it would only be available probably once a year. So when they say they use the freshest ingredients, they aren't messing around..And honestly nothing we were given, was even on the menu, besides the dessert.

So going into this adventure, we knew that we wanted to try the Chef's choice tasting menu, and decided to go with the 6- course offering...what can I say, we love food!!
I also chose to do a wine pairing with my meals, and it did not dissapoint. Though I didn't keep track of what all wines, I had with what course, I did enjoy all of them...even the reds! And though Brady helped, I myself consumed quite a bit of wine that night ;) I also remember the Riesling being my favorite, no surprise there!

As I begin listing our courses, bear with me, as I describe them only to my recollection
(again, a lot of wine was invloved here!!)

Food pictured here, in no particular order.

First, we started with our appetizer, a fresh salmon patte, on crustini bread, with apple slices and I believe maybe some honey? But it was a great start to the meal.  I believe that one was paired with a Sauvignon Blanc.

Second, came the fish taco. Probably our favorite.  Tuna, with fresh cilantro, I think some red onion(?) fresh squeezed lime juice, and a yummy sauce, that reminded me of sour cream...but was so much better :)

Third, came our salad. I really wish I could remember what was all in this. It was awesome.  Fresh greens, goat cheese, fig, blood orange, and I know a few other things.  I also can't remember what type of dressing this was. But either way, this was mighty tasty.

Next, we were given a duck bolognese dish. It was great, and I had never had duck before, so it was great to try something new.  It had the texture of ground beef, and I honestly didn't notice much difference!

Then, came our personal pizzas.  A margerita pizza with a fresh egg, prepared over easy. I do not normally eat eggs this way, I am a scrambled girl myself...so this was new to me also. And although it was good, it wasn't my favorite.

Steak was the next item on our menu.  I believe it was a skirt steak, but what made this dish special, is that we were served a bone along with it, which provided us with some lovely bone marrow to accompany our meat.  Along with some veggies, and a sauce of unknown origin, the plate was complete. This was a very good one, and although I was very full by this point, I managed to enjoy most of what was on my plate.

Lastly, came dessert.  Being the chocoholic that I am, I think I would have been more satisfied with something along those lines, but again, trying new things here!
We were served Cinnamon Sugar Bread Pudding, with vanilla ice cream, almonds, white cocolate, cranberries, and some sort of orange glaze.  I actually think there was toasted coconut in there too, now that I think about it. I was pretty good, but by this point I was stuffed...and probably looked pregnant again. (HAHA)
So, all in all we had a very successful Valentine's Day dinner :)
We enjoyed some great food, great wine, and Mommy and Daddy got to get out for a little bit and enjoy a night in the big city, just like old times :)

We both really enjoyed Latitude 41 and I think we will more than likely be making a trip back  sometime in the future.
I give 5 stars.


Wishing everyone out there, a Happy Valentine's Day today!
I for one, plan on spending the day with my new little Valentine..


This little girl melts my heart.
Bye for now, and don't forget to spread the love <3


  1. my hubby and i are total foodies, too - especially me - this sounds AMAZING! i will have to try it out next time i am up there.

    1. You totally should! I don't think it would disappoint :)