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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Reminder

The past couple of weeks, emotions have been running high for me.
I think it is due to a mixture of things, but it's safe to say that when one part of your life is a little "off," the rest tends to follow suit.
Today, as I had a little time to myself, I just started writing things that were in my head. I kept writing and rhyming and before long I had written a poem. I've always enjoyed writing. I grew up writing stories, poems, songs..I think it is a great way to exert a little energy, in a creative manner.

The thoughts behind the poem pretty much just come from my own thoughts and feelings. I tend to get a little overwhelmed with everything going on. Life is just busy, and I am constantly getting pulled in so many directions. Mix that with the fact that there is just an endless amount of bad things happening all around us, everyday.  The negativity totally creeps in when I am already feeling down.  And I rarely display my negative thoughts..who wants to hear about that, right?  But I am not doing this for anyone but myself.  I need to remind myself that it is ok to feel the negative emotions, as long as they don't take over.  It's bad enough to feel sadness, but do you really need guilt to go along with it? 

This poem was really not written in a negative light, but rather moving on from that negativity, and reminding myself of the good.
                                                    I used to be happy, what am I now?
                                         I'm happy, but scared of the when's and the how's.
Of the if's and the why's dancing 'round in my head.
"You just can't control it" is what I would have said.
So where is that girl who let nothing bring her down?
She is still here, just muddled with doubt.

Scared of becoming my worst enemy...
But I won't let that happen, I will always be free.
Free to think and free to feel, free to have my own free will.
Free to let the sadness come, even though I'm happy still.

Surely I'm allowed to feel anger and hate. But it will never define me, I'll strive to be great.
Great for myself and for others too. Since giving to others is the greatest thing you can do.
Give parts of yourself, but don't give it all. Keep a part for yourself, just so you don't fall.
The bad in this world will always be around. Just try to smile honey, don't let it get you down.

Sadness and fear, they mean we're alive. They are present everyday, no need to hide.
So when you're overwhelmed, feeling sad, stressed, or small,
Remember, it's better to feel something, than nothing at all.



  1. Great poem!!! Txt me if ya wanna talk to anything?! We should get together soon :)

  2. Thanks girl! Yes, lets plan something!! Anything at all! lol