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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pinterest Projects!

So after starting this blog, I decided to revisit some more of the items that I have filed away on my mental to-do list.
A lot of these are crafty, DIY type things, that I have discovered on Pinterest and have been wanting to do. I know some of them I just won't have the time for anytime soon, but they are projects that I would really like to tackle sooner or later. Plus I figure once baby girl is here, there will be an endless amount of projects for me to try...from bows to headbands, and the list goes on!

Anyway, here are several of the projects that have really peaked my interest...

Wooden Letters in Frame (top of picture)

This is one project that I definitely will be doing! And this one might actually get accomplished fairly soon, since we will begin working on the nursery before long :) I love the custom frame around the wooden letters. I have even thought about using a burlap background in the frame, and possibly painting the letters a different color.
Of course the name used here makes it even more appealing to me :)


File Cabinet Makeover

This would be a fairly easy project, and I have an old filing cabinet just waiting to be revamped! We are currently remodeling one of our rooms into a bonus room/office, so I will have just the place for it! Now I just need to decide what color and/or design to implement.

Tiered Dessert Plates

Another easy one! This one is made using stove burner covers (cheap dollar store purchase!), pedestals, and then you would paint them the desired color. Then you can even take it a step further and use cut out scrapbook paper (like pictured) to change out the look and design. Super cool! And great to have for parties or showers.

T-shirt Quilt

Ok So this is a BIG project, at least for me. This one scares me...mainly because I have never tried to sew anything of this magnitude. I really have only done minor sewing, and have only used a sewing machine in highschool...and I cant say that I would remember how to use one. The reason I was drawn to this is that I have all of my oldT-shirts from highschool boxed up, and I honestly had the intention of finding someone who could make them into a quilt for me. But then I thought "Maybe I could turn this into a project of my own." ...My thinking now is, if I try and mess up then I may ruin my shirts and that is not what I want. I really want to save them, and I think having a quilt of them would be a great way to do that. So ultimately....I may just hand this project over to someone more qualified. And I may just need to teach myself to sew, and start on some easier things! Like little dresses maybe... And then when my kids are grown maybe I will be able to make them their own T-shirt quilt :)

Hope you enjoyed viewing some of my project ideas!
If any of these interest you, you should be able to click on the picture and be directed to Pinterest...
The source is also listed below the picture.
I will be sure to post updates on any completed projects, whether they be the ones shown here or different ones!


  1. I have been thinking about my t-shirts for like ever and wanting to make them into a quilt! I think you can do it! Learn how to use a sewing machine and you will be golden! :)

    1. Thanks for the confidence boost Jo! Sewing really can be such a useful skill, so I would really like to become proficient at using a sewing machine. I have a little hand held one that Brady bought me along time ago, I wonder if that would be good enough? If not I'm thinking thrift store trip, to look for a big one! lol