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Friday, January 18, 2013

The little things..

I will have to admit, I sometimes loose track of what day it is. Now that I'm not working outside of the home, that is. And because of this, weekends too sometimes just feel like another day.

But, tonight my hubby and I have decided to go on a date!
We were orginally going to do dinner and a movie. But I think now it just may be dinner. But either way, I'm making myself get out of the house and do something!! This is sometimes hard to do this time of the year.  When its cold, and you have a baby... And the one day you have an appointment and you do get out of the house, your husband gets his truck towed because his tags are expired.....by three months. Even though you reminded him 100 times! And he somehow managed to renew his license...but not his tags...? So you miss your appointment. That you made months ago..

That is just part of how my day went yesterday. I swear, sometimes you can't even make this stuff up! LOL

Anyway, we managed to laugh about it later.
And I realized that my daughter's smile, is all I need to make everything right in the world.

You see, it's the little things in life. The "little things" that you shouldn't sweat.

And the "little things" that sometimes, make everything ok.

I hope everyone has a happy Friday!
This guy sure is :)


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