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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Adventures of yesterday.

Yesterday was a fairly nice day here on the homefront.  We had sunshine, and with light jackets on, we were plenty warm!  I was feeling pretty crappy yesterday morning, but as the day went on I started feeling better (we have all had our fair share of sickness in this house this winter.. BLAH)
I wasn't feeling well enough to really fix myself up or get any of Harper's things ready to go anywhere...so we decided just to head out and explore our own back yard :)

It started out just me, Harper, and Tucker. 
Then our cat, DQ, wondered down. Pretty soon we had drawn some attention to ourselves.
I noticed some of our neighbor horses getting closer.

One horse in particular wanted a closer look.

 I could just tell they were happy to have a nice day to graze.

After we said bye-bye to the horsies,(in Harper speak,) we went back to our backyard adventure.
Harper stumbled around in the remains of last years garden. 

We observed our barn, which is slowly caving in...soon to be removed! 

This picture seemed a little sad to me.
The images of broken down structures, do tend to have a ping of loneliness to them, don't you think?

We personally don't have any memories attached to this structure...the barn was already in pretty poor condition when we moved here, and the plan was to tear it down all along.
Still, I'm sure there was life to it, at one time.

It was a sunny day, with not even much wind to bring on a chill.

Harper spent a little time in her swing.  Then we decided it would be fun to put her stuffed Dora doll in, and push her.  Harper decided that Dora wanted to walk around the yard a little more, so off we went!


        We also got a little dirty, which little girls will tend to do.

It was a fun adventure for this little family.
I know I am looking forward to many more days outside, like yesterday :)

Until then...
I've been working on a project that I will be doing a post about soon..
 Not giving anything away, but here's a look at progress that was made today!

Harper was assisting of course :)

                                                                    Bye for now!

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