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Monday, March 31, 2014

::The Weekly Recap::

::The Weekly Recap::

I fully intended to do post this yesterday, but my little Harper was feeling under the weather :(
And last night we HAD to watch the season finale of The Walking Dead, (great episode!!) and we also finished the last half of American Hustle (since Saturday night we pooped out.)

Today looks like it's shaping up to be a beautiful day, I see sunshine!
I'm not sure what we are all going to get into this week, but let's take a look back at the fun we had last week :)

It wasn't very warm, but we had to sneak in a little outside time...bundled up of course!

Harper has been really getting into pretend play.  She often brings over cups and spoons to "whip up" something.

A tea party usually follows, and she likes to make sure that everything tastes ok before serving her guests.


Then it's tea party time!


She loves to include her brothers, Frankie and Tucker :)


We also made a trip to the Groveport Rec Center to swim in their indoor pool. 
I was excited to check it out, because it has some fun things for kids.
We made plans with our besties, and off we went!

I love the zero-depth entry! 
And they have a few little "fountains" to keep little ones entertained.

They even have this cool frog slide, that was quite a hit with kids of all ages!
We did later find out, that no adults are allowed on the slide...so we had to forego the steps, and let the kiddies slide straight down the frog tongue..with some assistance :)

Hi Miranda and Trey!

I was able to grab a little alone time one day, so momma went and got a mani!
I have fallen in love with shellac manicure's, and I will probably never go back to regular polish again, at least on my nails!  And I gotta have a little nail art, to complete the look ;)

Love these spring inspired colors! Desert Poppy, with some Sun Bleached (yellow) chevron stripes.
Big thanks to Erica at Exhale Day Spa, in Circleville :)


For dinner last night, the hubby and I made quesadillas with left over rotisserie chicken we had from earlier in the week.  I also whipped up some fresh guacamole, which Brady said was even better than Chipotle's!  I don't know about that, but I did refer to a copycat recipe on Pinterest.... that I can no longer find lol But they were pretty much all the same.  We didn't have the jalapeƱos that it called for, so I just added a little bit of cayenne pepper, and I also added some garlic. It did turn out very yummy!

Harper was never sure of avocados when she started solids, but she loves her some guacamole now... especially with chips! 

As you can see, she was feeling much better by last night.

A lot better than yesterday morning..

I hate when my baby is sick :(

Today she seems to be feeling her like old self, so I'm sure we will find something to get into today!
Musikgarten class is tonight, and I never take any pictures, but I may have to try and snap a few if I can.  Harper always has fun! 
Until next time :)

Bye for now!!


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