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Monday, April 7, 2014

::The Weekly Recap::

Another week has come and gone...and it was a very rainy week at that!  Quite a bit of our time was spent indoors, but we were able to sneak in a few outings, nonetheless :)

I have been feeling like now, more than ever, is the time that I need to come up with creative things for Harper and I to do during the day.  After she gets done dragging all of her toys out, she usually is ready to move on to another activity.

I figured a mini Easter egg hunt would be a good way to practice for the real thing, which is coming up soon!  After I finished washing and drying the cheap, made in China Easter eggs (hehe), I hid a few and let Harper get to looking!


After awhile, all she wanted to do was put the eggs in her mouth.
Time for something else!


Harper has really been fighting her naps lately, and sleep of all kind really.  I had done a lot of reading up on infant sleep in the past, and this actually didn't come as a surprise to me.  With that being said, there have been a couple of times where this little girl just would not go to sleep. At one point I gave in and got her up...she happily plopped on the couch with a snack and some milk. :) And then went down for a nap about an hour later.. :)


On one particular day, the rain had cleared up, but it had left behind some nice size puddles in our front yard.  Harper's rain boots had just came in the mail too, so we were ready!!

The rain had also left behind some pretty happy flowers!


This weekend we actually got out of the house, and got to spend some time with friends for a little surprise party fun!  Harper tagged along, and I thought she looked just too darn cute in this outfit :)


The next day she was all rested up and ready to sing and dance the morning away!

I think her music classes have been paying off! LOL


And since yesterday was such a beautiful day, we took advantage of it and spent some family time outside!

We finally got our porch tree from Christmas transported... and then we planted that baby!

Harper even helped with the shoveling!

Then she decided that she would rather pick up the dirt and rocks with her hands. 
She is obsessed with the gravel rock in our driveway! She always tries to bring them inside, so we now have a nice little rock collection right by the front door :)

We walked around the property, and I just had to snap a few pictures of this huge Sycamore tree.

I am so curious about how old this tree is, I have a feeling it has seen a lot of years!

love this big beauty

That concludes my recap from last week..
Looking forward to another fun-filled week ahead :)
And to the new season of Game of Thrones, that just started last night.
Hubby is very happy, to say the least!

Look for a post soon on my 21 Day Fix journey!

Bye for now!


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